Everyone experiences a “slump” at some point in their lives. Maybe it’s a little weight gain or not being quite as fit as we once were, or maybe it comes in the form of a stagnant career or disconnection with the family. Whole wellness means being in our peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual form, and it’s easy to miss the mark on that from time to time. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Wellness Institute program through Rebound.

Benefits of Attending a Wellness Institute Program

Where do you go when you need to get your spark back? Sometimes a vacation will do it, but most of the time, regaining our old selves after a low period requires a comprehensive program and access to top experts in health and wellness. At Rebound, we offer these services to people looking to recapture their old spark, to work on their physical health, and to build and maintain healthier and more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

The modern world is full of stresses and obstacles, and it’s natural to backslide on maintaining our health and wellness in response. But there’s no need to settle for less than optimum health and a satisfying lifestyle. No matter the need or priorities of each individual teammate, Rebound offers comprehensive services that can help anyone regain their old sense of self and return to the person they truly are.

Wellness Institute Programs

Nutrition and dietician services are available to help teammates establish better, more well-rounded eating routines. These services are complemented by physical therapy and exercise regimens. Physical fitness programs at Rebound Institute are designed and operated by exercise science experts and complemented by state-of-the-art equipment. Balanced, nutritious, and appealing meal programs help teammates stay on track and develop healthy habits throughout their stay, and medical staff monitors each individual to ensure that they have all the tools necessary to meet their goals.

Physical fitness is a large part of the wellness program at Rebound, but mental and spiritual health is just as important. Massage, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga are all offered regularly to help teammates tap into their spiritual and emotional needs and to grow internally. Family and relationship counseling also helps teammates to grow in their connections to their loved ones and to foster healthy and fulfilling connections with those that are most important in life. In fact, family members and spouses are welcome to participate in intensive, healing weekends that help the entire family unit to grow together. Regular outings in the beautiful south Florida region reconnect teammates with nature and the world around them, helping to cement newer, healthier perspectives and habits.

A stay at Rebound allows teammates to reset physically and mentally, and to take time for themselves to evaluate their desires, goals, and habits. Sometimes, people need time in life to re-center, ground themselves, and focus on becoming the best possible version of themselves. At Rebound, that is the opportunity that we offer to each person who walks through our doors.