What are TSF Alternatives?

Rebound Institute is not your average twelve step program for addiction recovery. More often than not, TSF, or twelve step facilitation, is used throughout addiction treatment. Although these methods have proven to be beneficial to helping individuals in recovery for decades, many have not found the advantage of their use. This is because addiction affects each person Alternatives to the Common Twelve Step Program for Recoveryspecifically and differently. There is no one cure-all for addiction. Each individual has their own underlying reasons and causes for developing an addiction, so each individual will need their own specific form or method of treatment. At Rebound Institute, we want to provide every person seeking help for an addiction with the best chance for a successful recovery; and to provide this we offer alternative methods to treatment, including twelve step alternatives.

The Religious Aspect of a Twelve Step Program

While many individuals may choose to seek alternative methods to twelve step programs for more individual-specific beneficial recovery, others may choose to forego twelve step programs due to religious reasons. Twelve-step programs have been founded on a core belief of a higher power, or God, that guides and motivates individuals to remain sober. Some individuals may wish to utilize a more secular approach to addiction recovery, or TSF alternatives, for this reason.

Examples of Twelve Step Program Alternatives

SMART Recovery: This 4-point base recovery support is available both face-to-face and online so that everyone can reap its benefits! Offering community group meetings, 24/7 online chat support, and a community internet message board, SMART Recovery is a great way to stay focused on recovery outside of treatment. The great thing about SMART Recovery is that they are not subjective to who participates; everyone (no matter addiction or personal beliefs) is welcome to take part in this non-profit organization!

Women for Sobriety: Based on a belief that women require alternative approaches to addiction treatment than their male counterparts, this secular organization has been providing addiction resources and support for women for almost 50 years. Women for Sobriety teaches that women can be successful in recovery by investing in self-worth, managing thoughts and behaviors, and maintaining a spiritual connection with the self or higher power.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS): This nonprofit offers recovery help for individuals of any religious belief as well as those with absolute no religious conviction. Instead of standing behind specific addiction recovery beliefs, SOS embraces the fact that each individual benefits from specific treatments or therapies specific to their own needs, desires, and lives. SOS meetings are in person, within a group setting, and comprised of numerous addiction topics.