What are Family Counseling Services?

Family counseling services are developed to focus on issues that have arisen within the family unit. Mental health, communication, addiction, major life changes, tragedy, and other aspects of life can affect the trust and health of a family unit, and therapy is used to address these issues and confront them to promote healing. Family counseling sessions are performed with the family unit, the individual enrolled into Rebound Institute, and a qualified and experienced therapist. Each session allows for complete confidentiality so that individuals can be sure that what is said, learned, and observed throughout these sessions remains between only who is present. Family counseling provides multiple benefits for those seeking a more healthy and balanced lifestyle including:

  • Provides a safe and comforting environment in which family members can express their true feelings, thoughts, and concerns for the loved one enrolled in the programs at Recovery Institute.
  • Allows the individual attempting to live a healthier life to express feelings, thoughts, and concerns with whom they love and cherish the most.
  • Offers a supervised and guided outlet to identify and work through emotions that conflict with family values.
  • Creates strengthened trust within the family unit through gained understanding and empathy.

Family and Relationship Therapists at Rebound Institute

Family and relationship counselors at The Rebound Institute are all highly trained and licensed professionals with experience in diagnosing mental issues and addressing relationship concerns as they relate to marriage, family relationships, and other personal relationships. Whatever the family is facing; whether drug dependency or addiction, challenging life alterations, gambling addiction, technology addiction, mental health disorders, depression and anxiety, or otherwise, family counseling services can provide understanding, knowledge, and goal-oriented coping strategies.

Showing Family Support with the Family Counseling Weekend

At Rebound Institute, we understand how important support from the family aspect is in developing changing lifestyles and implementing growth and healing. Without the support from family and other close relationships, individuals have less of a chance to implement what they have learned throughout their time spent at Rebound Institute and attain a life of well-being and happiness. So, each individual enrolled in our programs will have the opportunity to invite family members and loved ones to the Family Counseling Weekend. This weekend is an incorporated aspect of the program’s entirety which focuses on the family unit as it relates to a balanced lifestyle. During the Family Counseling Weekend, the family unit can experience programs and services of Rebound Institute and show their support for their loved one while also benefiting from counseling, adventure therapy, and more.