What are Crisis Intervention Strategies?

Crisis intervention strategies are services offered to all individuals enrolled in programs at Rebound Institute on an as needed basis. This support is offered at any time of the day or night to address issues that may arise during an individual’s time spent at our facility. Emotional duress and psychiatric ailments can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, which can limit or halt an individual’s learning and healing at Rebound Institute. A situation deemed a crisis may include behaviors that exhibit self-harm, extreme agitation, high levels of anxiety or anxiety attacks, destruction of property, and an unwillingness to participate in treatment activities. To address these issues, we have implemented an emergency program for immediate help. The crisis intervention program can be utilized to help individuals keep on track with their treatment plan, acquire emergency mental health attention, and get the best out of their time spent at our facility.

What is the Process of Crisis Intervention Strategies?

The crisis intervention program offered by Rebound Institute is conducted by experienced and licensed mental health professionals that are qualified to identify and diagnose mental ailments as they affect individuals enrolled into our programs. They are additionally well-versed and trained to address emergency situations as they relate to mental health and addiction. Upon enrollment with the crisis intervention program, individuals are assessed by our mental health specialists to determine the nature of the issue as well as the best method of treatment. Treatment for individuals who utilize crisis intervention may include psychiatric medication, recommended long-term services, and short-term therapies. The process of the crisis intervention program consists of:

  • Initial physical assessment to determine underlying health issues
  • Initial mental assessment to determine underlying mental issues
  • Strategic plan for short-term treatment that may include medication management of psychological treatment, individual therapy, and holistic approaches.
  • Offer suggestions or recommendations for future crisis prevention with long-term treatment options

The Mission of Rebound Institute’s Crisis Intervention Program

We want to make sure that every individual that comes to seek a fuller and healthier life through our programs and services has the means to do so, which is why we offer the crisis intervention program. By addressing emergency situations as soon as possible, individuals have a better chance of identifying and addressing underlying issues that may prevent healing, learning, and growth throughout their stay at our facility or in the future. Additional to a better outcome and access to treatment, the crisis intervention program allows us to be sure that individuals partaking in services we provide are kept safe and free from harm so that they can get the most out of their time at Rebound Institute.