Wellness Retreats

Not struggling with substance abuse, gambling, Wellness Retreatsor relationship issues, but still need a break? Everyone needs time to reconnect with themselves and their community at some point in life. For people in high-intensity, high-stress careers, this need is even greater. The daily grind can ebb away at our internal peace and joy over time. That’s when it becomes necessary to indulge in self-care and take a much-deserved vacation. Rebound offers all-inclusive wellness retreats for those individuals who are ready to rest, recharge, relax, and refocus on what is important in their lives.

The retreat program at Rebound Institute offers executives, athletes, and other highly-motivated, ambitious individuals the opportunity to set work aside and take some hard-earned time to take care of their own needs. Like every program offered at the Rebound Institute, the retreat program is individualized to meet the needs and desires of each teammate, all of whom have the opportunity to design their own agenda during their stay with us.

Holistic Health

Do you simply need a long weekend to rejuvenate? Interested in an exotic excursion scuba diving in tropical South Florida? Or do you need a longer-term period of rest, introspection, and spiritual guidance to replenish your serenity? All of these options are available to teammates at Rebound. The retreat program available at Rebound always includes gourmet meals, fitness regimens, access to dieticians and nutritionists, physical therapy, holistic care (such as massage and acupuncture), adventure/experiential therapy, and every other comprehensive service provided by our staff. Teammates create their own wellness retreats, selecting the services that cater to their individual needs and desires.

Retreat Options for Graduates

Graduates of our other program tracks also have the opportunity to join us for wellness retreats. Success in fighting substance abuse, gambling, destructive habits like overspending, or repairing significant relationships are all worthy goals that our teammates accomplish while enrolled in these programs. Over a long period of time, the health and well-being many teammates gain at Rebound requires maintenance. For these graduates, we offer retreat programs of varying lengths in order for these individuals to attend to their long-term recovery. Enjoying a long weekend of rest and relaxation can help boost the long-term health goals for these teammates, and adventure trips with the Rebound family can strengthen interpersonal connections post-graduation.

Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Whether you need to recharge and connect spiritually or you need a boost in achieving your long-term goals, the retreat program at Rebound offers the opportunity for teammates to engage in self-care and relaxation in luxury surroundings. If you’re preparing for a big work project, overworked in your career, or simply need a peaceful getaway that allows you to create your own experience, the retreat program at Rebound Institute is the perfect place to accomplish these goals.