Our Philosophy

The Rebound Institute is different from the standard, run-of-the-mill facility. That’s because we don’t have clients and caseload, we have teammates and family. The individuals who enroll in programs at Rebound are not patients, they are members of our community and a part of our team, whose goal is to help every member of the Rebound family to recover and live their ideal lives through comprehensive behavioral health services.

Because we value each individual member of the Rebound Institute as a part of our team, we structure things a little bit differently than a cookie-cutter facility. Behavioral Health ServicesEvery individual at the Rebound Institute needs different things, so each of them has the opportunity to design their own program of care. We provide comprehensive services, ranging from therapy and dual diagnosis care to nutrition and holistic programs like massage. Teammates at Rebound have the option to choose any of these behavioral health services based on their individual needs and goals, and our expert staff works with each of them one-on-one to track and meet those goals.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that anyone who is struggling is in need of structure, community and family support, and access to the highest-quality clinical care available. We do things differently here at Rebound because we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to live their ideal life and be the best version of themselves possible.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose the Rebound Institute? Because we offer hope for a better future based on real, concrete evidence that individual care and community can help people to rebuild their lives. Our services are individualized, comprehensive, and dynamic. In addition to traditional medical and behavioral health services like detox, psychiatric care, group and individual therapy, and family/relationship counseling, our teammates have access to holistic therapy, nutritional services, physical therapy, adventure and experiential outings, community involvement, and team-building. Every teammate at Rebound has the chance to design their own program of recovery and retreat, focusing on the aspects of their lives that they want to improve.

We don’t just offer addiction treatment and mental health care. We offer family dynamic therapy to reconnect teammates with the most important people in their lives and aftercare services that support our graduates through every step of their journey. Everyone has a place here at Rebound, whether they are in need of crisis intervention or simply a retreat to relax and refocus on their own health and well-being. As a member of the Rebound Institute family, no member of our team need walk the journey of life alone.