The Alumni Group at Rebound

The alumni group of the Rebound Institute is a part of our family and community. These individuals are members of a team whose goal is to maintain the healthy, strong bonds of friendship they formed with one another and to give back to the larger Rebound community. Alumni have access to the full range of Rebound aftercare programs, but they also work together to organize community service projects and adventure trips for the Rebound family.

Part of recovery, health, and wellness is giving back to one’s community and family. Alumni of Rebound do this by participating in Rebound dinners and meetings, acting as mentors for teammates currently enrolled in our programs. This is always done on a volunteer basis, and we are proud to say that our alumni community is active in giving back to Rebound, and thus strengthening their own ties to the Rebound family.

Community-Building and Fellowship

As a facility, we offer weekend trips and retreat opportunities for our alumni and their family members and loved ones. South Florida is full of natural beauty and wonder. We take advantage of our pristine surroundings by offering frequent alumni excursions that immerse teammates in the natural world, such as scuba diving and skydiving outings, trips to the Florida Keys, camping and hiking trips, and events on the beach. We offer these opportunities because we believe in the power of family and community and investing in our alumni. By providing these opportunities, we offer a place for alumni to keep in touch, to connect, to support one another, and to foster healthy and meaningful friendships that sustain each individual on their journey in life.

Many of the issues we face in life stem from a lack of connection to the people and places around us. Addiction, gambling, compulsive sex, depression, family issues, even just feeling stagnant- all of these problems can be fueled by being disconnected from meaningful support systems and relationships. The alumni community at Rebound is a healthy way for graduates to build and maintain the connections that help them to shed negative patterns and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

The alumni program offers fun, relaxing activities for graduates- but it also offers support, accountability, and a sense of family and community that most teammates are missing when they first come to Rebound. We are proud to say that our alumni community grows daily and that these teammates support one another and work together to reach their individual goals of health, wellness, and happiness.