Unfortunately, many wellness programs and treatment facilities simply discharge individuals once they graduate, and fail to follow up on their health and well-being post-program completion. But we do things differently at the Rebound Institute, because above all else, we are teammates and family. Our aftercare programs are designed to support graduates at every step of their journey.

Continuing Care

No matter what program the individual completed at Rebound Institute, they always have a home and a community with us. aftercareAftercare services differ greatly based on what each teammate’s needs and goals are. However, the one thing that all of these services at Rebound have in common is that they are available to each and every individual for as long as they need and desire support.

For graduate teammates of substance abuse treatment, behavioral addiction treatment, or our mental health care and dual diagnosis programs, therapeutic services are available to teammates for an indefinite period. Staff also assists these teammates in securing post-treatment residential arrangements that are best suited to their recovery, such as sober living homes or ensuring that the family home is healthy and prepared for their return. Staff works with teammates’ families and loved ones to ensure that they will have access to the ongoing support they need after treatment. Medical staff also offers medication management and psychiatric services for ongoing mental health care, and both traditional and holistic therapy is available to teammates at an individual or group level. Aftercare services are comprehensive and individualized, much like our primary programs, so that each teammate can select the services they need and have access to ongoing, long-term support in achieving their goals following their stay with us.

Aftercare and Community Bonds

For individuals who take advantage of the wellness or retreat programs at Rebound, the Rebound Institute community is indefinitely available to them. We welcome these teammates and their families to come back and participate in weekend trips, alumni groups, and community events at any time. Staying at Rebound makes you a part of our wellness and health family, and we are always excited to see our teammates take advantage of aftercare and community programs that strengthen these bonds.

Post-graduation alumni support groups are also available to any graduate of Rebound programs. Our alumni groups offer one another connection and support as well as a platform to organize outings and adventures that foster fellowship to every member of the Rebound family.

Aftercare at Rebound is not simply shuffling individuals through groups or routine check-ups. It’s about fostering the family connections that everyone has the opportunity to make here at Rebound, and ensuring that each member of that family has access to the services they need to be the best versions of themselves, no matter where the journey of life takes them.